The Wickedest Precinct- #1 in Drunks

In the 50s the Washington Post dubbed the 2nd Police Precinct as the ‘Wickedest Precinct’. The 2nd Precinct mostly was what we know as Shaw. It went from K Street NW on the south, the Union Station tracks on the east, Florida Ave NE to North Capitol then S Street NW to the north and 15th St NW to the west.
In “Illegal Liquor Sales An Industry in No. 2 :2d Precinct 1st in Drunks.” by S.L. Fishbein (March 17, 1954) The Washington Post p.1 there is a lovely map (sorry I don’t have a copy to provide to you) showing where there were illegal liquor sales busts and there is a big ol’ splotch of 1953 busts at 5th and Neal Place. I’m trying to think if Neal Place is still there, it’s where the Co-ops are now. There’s a smaller splotch between S and Rhode Island Ave between what looks to be 6th and 7th St. NW. Somewhere around there was a place called Glicks Alley. Anyone have an idea where that was exactly? Is it the unnamed alley between those modernist Susan Reitag buildings? I can find out in time, but I may as well ask.
The only Shaw mention in the article is the mention of Shaw Jr. High students who had the joy of walking past the drunks in the alley as they cut through to get to school.
There is something about ‘gill joints’ but I’ll write about that later.

Inauguration Day in the TC part 6

I’m turning off the computer I swear, but, just a few minutes ago a long parade of sirens and blue lights just traveled down New Jersey Avenue.
*7:30PM the National Guard was still on the corner. Friendly enough fellows but I don’t like men hanging on my corner. As of 8:30 I didn’t see them.
*The Neighborhood Ball on TV reminds me of an awards ceremony. Anyone from the neighborhood of Mt. Vernon Sq or Shaw in attendance?
*And to whomever is flying over the neighborhood and has been flying over the neighborhood for the past few days… Stop it. You’re screwing up my HD reception. Everytime the ghetto bird flies overhead my reception goes all crappy. Other aircraft, well if close enough, results in the same problem.