1950s School Map

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I also have the High School map and I can’t help but notice that 16th Street is a common dividing line.
This is from “Corning Sets Integrated School Zone Boundaries,” by Marie Smith, Washington Post, July 2, 1954 p. 1, 25-26. It is the proposed school boundaries for schools that were to integrate. Wanna guess what big demographic change occurs east of 16th?
Also I want to mention that when I present stuff from the past, occasionally called ‘history’, I will try to cite it so you dear reader can find the information yourself. History is subject to interpretation, and I bring my own biases. Un-cited, history is subject to being made up.

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  1. Educated and memory says DC white population east of 16th nose dives and NoVa, MoCo and PG Co. populations rise. I don’t have the data in front of me so I’m 85% sure that’s correct.

  2. mari: this is pretty damn awesome! i’ve always wanted to see a full listing off all the old DC schools, how they got their names, and what got merged with what when.

    i suppose i should just go down to the museum at sumner school sometime and poke around more.

    when are you posting that high school map?

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