January 8, 1905

From the Washington Post/ Star under “Social and Personal– Gay Season Open Until After Inauguration” pg E8[grumble] I bet their streets weren’t blocked[/grumble]

Mr. And Mrs. Thomas D. Schnopp entertained a number of friends at their residence, 318 Florida avenue northwest, last Monday evening, the occassion being a New Year’s party. During the evening a pleasing programme, consisting of vocal and instrumental solos, were rendered by well known talent. At 10:30 the assembled company repaired to the dining room, where a generous repast was served. The decorations consisted of palms, ferns, and cut flowers, the whole making a pretty effect. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ruppert, Miss Florina Ruppert, Mr. John T. Schnopp, Mrs. Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. George Glorius, the Misses Glorius, …

Longtime readers may realize that the Glorius’ didn’t have far to walk. Barely 1 block. Also I wonder what kind of one hick town DC was if your little dinner party is getting reported. Today such a gathering would barely be noted as a noise complaint.
Speaking of history there is a newish blog/website about the criminal and quirky DC of the past.