Inauguration Musings- Intra/Inter-city mobility

I was chatting with an older woman who lives in SW and she was planning on visiting an elderly bedridden friend in upper NW to watch the inauguration on TV. Question is, how easy, or hard will it be to get there?

Spoke with the Aunt. She will be having guests over for the inaugural weekend and Shiloh Baptist is having a slew of activities, some of which they’ll be attending. I asked how was she going to get there. Drive. Well it will be the weekend, and not the day of, so maybe that will work. Asking about the actual day, she’d rather be home, but, she’s got guests. I suggested dropping them off at the PG Plaza station, handing them a map and wishing them the best. No, not an option. She plans to drive in on New York Avenue, and either travel along P or Rhode Island to get to the parking garage at her work not far from Dupont. Yeah, I don’t know how that’s going to work out. I did tell her that the City and everyone else is discouraging car travel and suggesting the metro. Nope, not an option. Argh!

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  1. I’m scheduling a c-section around the craziness because I don’t want to rely on my doc (who lives in Alexandria) to have to find her way to WHC for a surgery on Jan 20th. It’s amazing how different all of our expectations are – I’m sure there are thousands of folks in the city who have no idea anything will be disrupted and then there are folks who are scared silly of the whole thing.

    The truth will be in the middle, but I’m still glad not to have to rely on medical help on that morning.

  2. sophiagrrl- I pray for an uneventful pregnancy and devilery for you. Despite the events Downtown there are still doctor’s appointments and other stuff going on. Someone at work mentioned having a physical therapy appointment on the 20th. Don’t know if they are going to try to reschedule.

  3. Your aunt is lovely.

    A far cry from my parents, who say things like, “sure we’ll drive you to New York. We’ll drop you off at a subway in a remote borough with $2 and wish you godspeed.”

    One time I was driving 2 Nepalese public health officers from DC to NY, and I let them out in the driveway of the building they were visiting. They were very unhappy, and asked if I could walk with them to the front door and up to the 33rd floor (or wherever). So it seems to be cultural, as to just exactly what someone means when they offer to give you a ride.

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