2 thoughts on “Mugging at 3rd and R on Monday”

  1. I think that’s the corner where the woman was robbed and stabbed to death at the bus stop. Sounds like a sketchy corner.

    I’m often late for work as getting myself outta bed is a challenge. I always see a lot of sketchy characters heading east in the morning well after most reputable people are heading west (to work or to the Metro). It always makes me wonder.

  2. Yes, that’s the corner. Makes me slightly nervous considering I live at 4th and R and that these crimes always occur mid-morning, well after dawn.

    3rd seems pretty uninhabited–the times I’ve caught the G2 over there, most of the houses are boarded up or I’ve never seen anyone come on or go in the houses or anything happening in them. My guess is that perhaps people know it’s pretty empty so someone inattentively waiting for a G2 over there would be a good target.

    Might be a good topic of discussion at the next BACA meeting. Methinks I may go catch the G2 over on RI Ave. next time I need to head over to Georgetown…

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