Open House at the Mosque

You’ve heard the call to prayer, or some guy singing over the loudspeakers, well Saturday will be your chance to see it live.
Sometime ago I and my neighbors got a flier for an open house at the Masjid Muhammad, that mosque over on 4th St or ‘1519 Islamic Way NW’. They will open their doors to neighbors on January 10 from 11:30am-1pm. As part of the flier there was a whole thing about proper dress and etiquette for entering the musalla (prayer area) and the masjid. Call the office at 202 483 8832 for more information.
I’ve been to a previous open house and was able to get an answer to my most pressing question answered. I wanted to know how early the call to prayer was done, because it has woken me up.
Another thing I want to note that I noticed from the flier, was that Cub, Boy & Girl Scout troops meet there on Sundays. Good thing to know because I’m always trying to score me some Thin Mints.

6 thoughts on “Open House at the Mosque”

  1. I want to know when Thin Mints are available too. I don’t care which house of worship I get them from.


  2. i find noise polution like religious loudspeakers offensive and it makes me to dislike organized religion. who are they calling to worship, the thugs?


  3. I can hear it from my house sometimes, but it’s not very loud and it’s never awaken me. I’ve never had an issue with it.

  4. It's one big room when I was there. Men were on the left side, women on the right, from what I could remember.
    However, if I were to go again (won't because of something else I got scheduled), I would skip the whole prayer thing and just do the post-prayer meet & greet & eat.

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