Need inspiration

I has occurred to me that if my friendly neighborhood drug dealers are gone from my sight, why bother blogging? What will be my inspiration? The liquor stores aren’t as much of an issue these days as in years past. Most of them now carry wine I can cook with. The number of problem houses are down, but then again it is winter and the problems associated with them are less visible. Complaining about the neighborhood was the greatest inspiration to my writing.
I was looking back at some old posts, as this blog does go back to 2003, to add tags, so I can find stuff, and see how I and the neighborhood changed. I see that I’m getting closer to the neighborhood I wanted. If I could say anything to the 2003 or the 2000 (when I moved to Shaw) me, it would be, ‘it’s going to be okay.’

5 thoughts on “Need inspiration”

  1. *Pedestrian lights out
    *Folks leaving bags of trash on the sidewalk which DC doesn’t pick up (are the squatters doing this?)
    *Businesses not recycling

  2. Since you seem to have a green thumb, maybe you could blog about starting a garden club? 🙂

  3. Too lazy. I’m a very lazy gardener.
    I’d have a better chance demonstrating how to make your own frozen lunches, since it seems that for so many that the only options are eating out, a sandwich, or lunch in a box.
    It’s probably winter. I don’t want to leave the house so I’m observing less. Unless what I observe can be seen out my 1st floor window, I got nothin’.

    JF, I could complain about residents using the city sidewalk trash cans when they should be using their own trash cans. I have seen people on the 1600 blk of NJ and the 1400 block of 11th, come out of their houses with big bags of trash and throw them in or on top of the city cans.

  4. oh dear, if there is nothing to provoke your ire about living on your block, then try sleeping less. Deprivation can shorten any fuse.

  5. Why don’t you investigate how many cops take a squad car home and let it sit on the street idle at night? or investigate why tenants of jam packed sardine can rental units from certain Latin American countries don’t give a fig about relations with white or black or other nationalities of neighbor? or go to Sursum Corda and take oral histories from the older generation still living there? Or bust the juvenile dealers who are in every senior housing in the District causing their elderly neighbors’ hair to whiten? Or go undercover and place hidden cameras like NBDINZ. Or predict what will become of the stainless steel/granite 5 years from now. Or follow a home “unbuilding” contractor and find out what happens to the stuff they remove; or go incognito into a McMansion community and get to know people there (try Harbor something drive in Silver Spring — total cliche)

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