Inauguration Musings- No bikes on Metro

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read in the Post that bikes won’t be allowed on metro trains during the inaugural weekend. I totally understand no bikes on the 20th, but for four whole days? So I went to WMATA’s website and there it was “Bicycles also will be prohibited on the rail system from Saturday, Jan. 17 through Tuesday, Jan. 20.”
At least there is still the bus to put your bike on.

8 thoughts on “Inauguration Musings- No bikes on Metro”

  1. It is interesting how WMATA cracks down on bikes so much but never enforces the rule that strollers should not be allowed on escalators.

  2. can they give a legitimate reason for this. hell no. god, i hate it when the securicrats just pull stupid BS like this for no reason. i swear, they have a switch in their head that says “less freedom is better.” if ever there was a group of people who needed to be told to leave the US if you don’t like the way it is, it’s people like that.

  3. Why can’t you people bike all the way to where you are going? You all remind me of Rosey Ruiz, the NYC marathon runner who hopped the subway during the race then go off and foot raced across the finish line.

    Vince Albini haha

  4. Oh I didn’t realize this was a race or contest.
    It may be nothing for one person to bike 7-10 miles because they are an experienced biker, or they live near a bike trail, or the streets are wide or whatever. But it may be another story for the 3-speeder, 2 miles away having to deal with bad streets, raceway SUV drivers, no shoulders, oh and it’s friggin cold and there may be ice.
    There is no prize and I’m not going to suffer to prove something to people I don’t know who don’t care.

  5. i know some of you probably haven’t lived in dc long enough to see what an inauguration looks like but if you’ve taken the metro from the mall on the 4th of july try to think about what that would be like x 100,000. it is not going to be safe to maneuver a bike around that kind of crushing crowd and on the other end, it would be very easy to get pushed into someone’s handlebars. bikes have no place on the metro when it is going to be crowded beyond capacity.

    i think this is a good call on the part of the wmata that will probably prevent quite a few accidents

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