DC will auction off nuisance properties

Their own properties that is.
You’ve complained about them. I’ve complained about them. DC owned properties that do nothing but harbor rats and trash. Well it looks like they are on the auction block (HT: Bloomingdale Blog)
Let me point out two Shaw properties on the auction block, 1713 New Jersey Ave. NW and 1504 6th St. NW. Most of the properties are in NE, and Columbia Heights. They all look like shells. But some of them are huge looking mansions, shells of mansions but huge. They’d probably make some well endowed non-profit a nice home.

One thought on “DC will auction off nuisance properties”

  1. 100 Bryant Street NW is the best but all the Bloomingdale/Ledroit Park properties look better than the rest.

    Vince Albini

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