Inauguration Musings- The Day After

The train was crowded this morning. It seems there was a problem on the green line and there were all these people. At least they were regulars and knew how the system worked.
Yesterday I was overhearing some co-workers talking and wondering about getting to work the day after the inauguration. The people who do come to DC (and haven’t been scared away by the crowds) for January 20th may still be around January 21st. They may be hopping on the metro to get to Union Station, National, Dulles, or BWI. They might be hanging out with friends they’re crashing with or just getting over the hangover from the inaugural party. The thought of having several thousand people on the metro, who don’t know our sacred law of stand on the right, doesn’t thrill me. Then there will be those in cars trying to get out… the beltway is going to be a mess.
I might put in for leave for the 21st. Or mentally prepare myself to walk to work. The 70 and 79 bus is crowded normally. I could hop on the Circulator and get to work.

4 thoughts on “Inauguration Musings- The Day After”

  1. I’m also afraid of how dirty the Metro’s going to be the day after. Most locals are pretty good about not eating and drinking on Metro, but I feel that rule’s shot to hell with the Inauguration crowds and Metro’s going to resemble the New York subway…

    Leave sounds like a good idea. I work down in Old Town Alexandria and may just drive to work that day…

  2. Although I feel like the buses won’t be AS bad, just because buses are a bit harder to navigate when you’re unfamiliar with a city. Especially if it’s not one of the express lines that run to the airports or tourist attractions. Like, I really doubt anyone from out of town is just hopping on the 90 bus to Anacostia.

  3. I feel a facebook campaign coming on…if we use the power of viral networking, we can educate visitors to DC BEFORE they arrive here about the importance of standing on the right, moving on the left.

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