4 a good time call Kim

Kim Wee at Timor Bodega.
Kim wants me to let y’all know that you should feel free to call him if you need something or want to drop by the store during day hours when Timor isn’t normally open. I put his number 202-210-1986 in my cell phone. But I also have Thai X-ing’s number on my cell too.
During the day Timor doesn’t open until 4:30pm. But if you’re working from home or taking a mental health day and you’ve run out of milk or organic whatever give Kim a call and he’ll accommodate you. Seriously, by letting him serve you, you’re helping his business and his business is something I want in the neighborhood.
I don’t know about you but I do have a couple of numbers on my cell that include businesses. Timor Bodega is now one. Thai X-ing was the first, when I realized that in the time it took me to get from my work detail location out in Suitland, back home to Shaw, my order would be ready.