Supporting Jessica Lanza

After some thought I have decided to have InShaw endorse the ANC candidacy of Ms. Jessica Lanza. Though I don’t live in Ward 2, I work in Ward 2, ANC2C03 exactly. Having someone who is both interested in the Penn Quarter/ Gallery Place area as a developing and residential place is a good thing. Downtown is a little different, but the residents of that area and Shaw share some similarities. And due to its proximity to Shaw, the ups and downs of Downtown can impact Shaw and Mount Vernon Sq.
Another reason why I support Ms. Lanza is that the current ANC2C03 leader is lacking and is holding back ANC2C as a whole. A change will hopefully shift things in ANC2C and move away from the unaccountability and ineffectiveness.

Check out Jessica’s website, see her informative blog.

7 thoughts on “Supporting Jessica Lanza”

  1. I work in 2C03, live in 5C03, and I agree with you.

    Thanks to Jessica for running, and many thanks to Stu Davenport for his service as ANC commissioner. Let’s hope he runs again.

  2. I LOVE her New York accent!

    She wants to help awwl of us. 🙂

    I don’t live or work in her anc, but I travel through it all the time!

  3. We’ve got to find a way to get the PQ/GP folks to come out and vote. Their hi-rise condos and incomes make them immune to so many problems and local politics. It is important for unregistered voters to register by Aug. 11.

    — Reg

  4. I don’t think it is income, but just the fact they live in large buildings. When I lived in large (more than 20 units) I was oblivious to a lot of things going on in the community where the building was. Those of us in houses or smaller buildings are closer to the street and so a bit more tuned in to what’s going on.

  5. Incomes matter when they can jump into nice cars and head out to the safer quieter burbs to shop, dine and go out — and not mind the gas prices. Those guys who preach [whatever they're preaching] on the corner of 7th & H so often are only disturbing for those who stay around to listen to them.

    — Reg

  6. Reg- I really don’t want to argue but there are a few things that don’t make sense to me. Like why would people move to an area with $5-$20 a day parking and pain in the rear traffic, if they are just going to drive away from it? Why not save themselves the trouble and just live in NoVa or MoCo?
    Penn Quarter and Gallery Place are attractive because there are some great restaurants (Cafe Atlantico/Teaism), great public areas, a cool little Thursday farmer’s market, and good public transit options.
    Also it’s amazing how much noise you can block out with a $20 box fan.

  7. To get the free (or cheap) parking space with the $600k (+condo fees) condo?
    : )


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