Republican Press Release RE: Family Services Head

Press Release

For Immediate Release
July 23, 2008

Contact: Paul D. Craney

DC’s Child & Family Services Agency Deserve Better

Washington, DC: Yesterday, DC’s Attorney General Peter Nickles defended the appointment of Mr. Roque Gerald as interim director of DC’s Child & Family Services Agency. Mr. Gerald comes with baggage as recent revelations point that in 1989 Mr. Gerald who is a psychologist had sex with a suicidal and depressed patient in his office, who later sued him for damages. Mayor Fenty directed media questions to Mr. Nickes.

“Would a bank hire a bank robber, no. Why is Mr. Gerald being appointed for a position in which he is disqualified for?,” stated Robert J. Kabel, Chairman of the District of Columbia Republican Committee.

“Having the Attorney General answer calls to the press about a questionable political appointee instead of helping to prosecute the criminals in the Trinidad neighborhood is waste of valuable resources,” concluded Kabel.