In search of a Happy Hour

Guess what? There is a dress code at Corduroy. I suspected as much when I called up Jimbo and suggested we head over and check out the happy hour. Jimbo was quite casual, sporting shorts, sandals and a tee. Jim had quite a bit of news, which you can read over at his blog, and so we talked about that on our way over to 9th Street.
Heading down 9th we stopped by the Long View Gallery. The cool painting in the window, of the flag wrapped like a bag (see pictured), just hung today, already sold. There is another blog posting about the opening for the artist Richard Currier, by Shaw Rez. The opening is this Friday, but I’ve already now seen it. I like the style and Drew mentioned that some of (or one of) Currier’s is in a museum somewhere. Oh, and there were two happy pooches in the gallery. Almost everytime I’ve been to Long View there is a canine in the house.
Anyway, we gave our reviews and said our goodbyes and continued on to Corduroy. And then we discovered the dress code. Shorts were a no-no. I didn’t even consider Jim’s shorts, I thought the sport sandals would be the deal breaker. The maitre’d asked if Jim lived close enough to change, but we decided to just come back another day. And I do hope to come back another day an try out their happy hour. That day, someone will be wearing pants, and maybe close toed shoes.
As I mentioned earlier, I suspected there was a dress code so I had a plan B. Vegetate also has a happy hour, so we turned northward on 9th. Mini-veggie burgers are good. So are the accompanying fries.

2 thoughts on “In search of a Happy Hour”

  1. Yes, they are good. I’d love to have a little dinner outing with some of you neighborhood folks.
    Sadly, we were pulled back before we could get up the stairs to the bar for happy hour. I could hear the voices and the laughter, but Jimbo’s bare legs, kept us from seeing the people.

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