Chance of a sub-station in TC small

I keep forgetting (along with a bunch of other things) to mention a bit of information taken from the last BACA meeting. Though we really, really, really want a substation being so very far away from the main 5D station, it doesn’t look likely. It was explained by Groomes, MPD that substations have to be manned and having officers inside manning stations means fewer officers outside patrolling streets. And something about other communities out their are clamoring for their own substations as well. We can keep fighting for one but it won’t be an easy fight.
I do like the idea that Councilwoman Schwartz mentioned, of getting DC government offices out of expensive downtown rental space and into DC owned surplus buildings…. surplus buildings like the schools. Well after a substation, a government office (something on the bureaucratic lines, not anything providing services) would be something around my second or third choice.

3 thoughts on “Chance of a sub-station in TC small”

  1. williams was pushing the idea to lease out the air rights to 300 indiana avenue for years and relocate MPD headquarters elsewhere. mrs schwartz might lose this election cycle.

  2. I would love to see something that would increase density at that end of the block – it is desolate with the run-down buildings across the street. Some kind of residential development would be nice and might discourage the loitering that happens in the Cooke schoolyard and sidewalk in front at all hours.

  3. Allo Anon,
    Welcome to my blog. I would highly recommend that you sign your posts with a pseudonym or initials as I strongly discourage completely anonymous comments.
    Anyway, yes, density has it’s positive parts but the current popli get kinda cranky when residential is suggested because it isn’t too far of a leap to belive the city would put in dense lower/no-income housing. For one, the city isn’t going to give up ownership of the land. They said so. Second the city has plenty of land around the town and isn’t taking care of those.

    Next unsigned anon comment gets nixed.

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