Sittin around the house

My family was never really big on holidays. Mostly we’d treat it like an extra weekend day, which is what I’m doing today. My big plan is to once again attempt to clean the first floor and make sure no one sets anything off in my front yard.
I love my little bit of 600-800 sq. feet of American dirt so much that I will fiercely protect it with a water hose. Though it looks like it won’t be much of an issue this year. There is the possibility of non-firework friendly weather and the low level of pre-4th firework noise.

2 thoughts on “Sittin around the house”

  1. Excerpt from a song by Better Than Ezra:

    “Sittin around the house

    Watchin the sun trace shadows on the floor

    Searchin for signs of life but theres nobody home

    Well, maybe Ill call or Ill write you a letter

    Now maybe well see on the fourth of july

    But Im not too sure, and Im not too proud

    Well Im not too sure and Im not too proud to say (wahow)”

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