We claim this street lamp in the name of Truxton

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Somewhere, I don’t know where, are some banners proclaiming that you have arrived in the happy land of Truxtonia. TruxtonCircle.Org Scott sent me this along with another design and both feature stuff that was torn down years ago, the fountain and the original Dunbar High School. All the best, a Bates Street style house isn’t that eye catching , nice and roomy but not street sign ready. However Armstrong would make for a nice pix. And the current Dunbar ain’t pretty at all.
But, yea, we have signs for little part of Shaw. Yes, I do consider Truxton part of the Shaw family of neighborhoods.

2 thoughts on “We claim this street lamp in the name of Truxton”

  1. the whole banner thing is clearly happening all over ward 5. i have seen banners now (all of a similar design) for bloomingdale, eckington, truxton circle, trinidad, and carver/langdon. haven’t looked closely at other ward 5 hoods…

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