This sunday

I ran into Timor Sunday after getting a few things at the Bloomingdale Farmer’s market because the line for the bacon was too long. Oh, and there weren’t any eggs at the market. Too long, as in it was raining, and the line at the salad/ pork products tent was a little past the canopy. So it was just easier to walk over to Timor. While I was there I noticed Kim has some cleaning and other products from Seventh Generation.
Anyway, the market was good to have back. I don’t know what’s going on with the seasons but the only fruit in abundance I saw were apples. I’ve noticed the same problem at the Penn Quarter market. The 7th Street Garden had one little pint of strawberries that got bought up while I was wandering around. I thought May was strawberry season. Well I’ll wait for the cherries and berries that make the markets a joy.