Going backwards in heels to music

This has nothing to do with Shaw. Or even the District of Columbia. This falls under the “it’s my blog I’ll post what I want” rule.

Every year I look forward to the annual ‘Evening with Strauss Viennese Waltz’ at Glen Echo. It’s where I dig out one of my only two formal dresses, pack a couple of heels and somehow get myself out to the wilds of Maryland to dance with strangers in tuxes.
If you haven’t been out to Glen Echo Park for anything, I highly recommend you go at least once and if possible do something in the Spanish Ballroom. There are a couple of different regular dances out there for swing/lindy hop, waltz, zydeco, contra, and folk held in the ballroom. I don’t remember if I’ve been on the merry-go-round there. I believe it will be in operation this weekend, so if my dance card is free and it is still on, I’ll probably go for a ride.
Oh yes, for the annual waltz there are dance cards. You get a tiny pencil and a little booklet on a string and you try to get the card filled out (or not in my case as I don’t know how to tango and there is at least 1 tango for the night). Besides the main waltzing, there is the tango, and one German named dance that involves a lot of hopping and though quite fun, by the time you really get into it, it’s over. All in all it is great fun, a great excuse to dust off the formal wear and cheap ($15 bucks).

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  1. i think the german dance is called the Chicken Dance. check it out on youtube (it’s an old episode of the Lawrence Welk show).

    i keep trying to memorize it, but it’s just too complicated.

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