Joys of Craigslist

Jimbo discovered a Craigslist complaint about a car at Q and New Jersey with a car alarm that constantly goes off. I guess it is around the same area where I saw the torched remains of a car… it was completely black, so either it was torched or a lousy car painted completely with flat black paint.
I was bobbing around Craigslist looking at the rental and for sale pictures, because I like to see how people decorate or design their spaces, when I came across this. Ok, would someone like to explain WTF is that? What exactly is being advertised in the picture?

3 thoughts on “Joys of Craigslist”

  1. ‘Twas a fellow shirtless with his pants unzipped showing off shiny red boxers in front of his closet. The text was for a male roommate, college kid, army man, or any other kind of guy needing a place to stay.

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