Clio shines upon DC History

I got my wish that the Historical Society’s library/archive be open on Saturday and lo and behold I got the following email:

Exciting News from the Historical Society of Washington

Kiplinger Research Library Open FIVE DAYS a week !
Tuesday – Saturday
For the first time in years, beginning tomorrow January 4, the Library will be open on Friday and Saturday in addition to the regular Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday schedule. Open from 10 – 5pm. Come on down! Call 202-383-1850 with questions.

Now another resource to comb for my personal interpretation of history.

2 thoughts on “Clio shines upon DC History”

  1. you should ‘rent’ yourself out to do historical research.

    often times, i’m to encumbered to research my area.

    advertise it locally, and i bet folks would sign up.

    i would…

  2. Can’t, not while Uncle Sam pays me to do what I do, something about ethics. Besides there are tons of researchers in the city.
    I do this neighborhood stuff on the side for the fun of it. If I do anyone else’s hood it’s a quick & dirty look and typically for free. A co-worker of mine was doing 19th Century probate court records and mentioned one guy had left 157 gallons of schnapps or cognac (can’t remember) and so this started a 10 minute quick look to figure out what on earth was the guy’s occupation to figure out why he had so much booze, a lot of iron, and a bunch of sundry things we couldn’t figure out. Unfortunately the gentleman dies in 1820-something, and the city directory doesn’t go that far back. The motive for the search was curiosity, which is the motive for a lot of my research.

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