Gotta love this weather

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I know it won’t last, but at least the arugula perked up.
Yesterday I played in the yard pulling out weeds and getting my nails dirty. I also pondered my guerrilla gardening options, surveying the landscape and challenges of a particular lot. I think I will transplant a few of the weedy and aggressive things in my yard over to the place that I intend to, um, partially take over. I’m looking for things that can fend for themselves and survive the occasional city demanded mowing. I know of 2 or 3 plants that can do. Maybe as a lark, I might take a bunch of sunflower seeds and see what happens.

BAA Meeting

| Blagden Alley Association |
| Monthly Meeting |
| |
| THURSDAY, January 24, 2008 |
| 7:30-9:00 pm |
| The Whitman Community Room |
| 910 M Street Street, NW |

This is a pre-announcement of the next meeting.
The official announcement will come out the weekend preceding, as

Mayor Fenty is the featured guest.
He was here in July, and he’s back!

So, if you have any special concerns that the Mayor address, please
them as a reply to this email. I will collate them and forward them
to the Mayor’s Myrmadons.

In July they looked like

Not that you couldn’t ask anything else, but
for complex matters, it’s only fair to give the Mayor a chance
at a researched answer. We surely won’t get all topics in,
but it ought be toward 80-90%.

I need the concerns and questions by this weekend (Saturday evening).

Hal Davitt