Games Children Play

From the screaming and yelling the neighborhood kids are engaging in and a certain chant, I believe the kids are playing Jerry Springer. I’m not going to look out the window to see if anyone is playing the role of Trailer Trash Transvestite. And yes, I’m posting this at 10:55PM. And, yes, the kids are outside at 10:55PM. No, I don’t know why the kids aren’t in the house.

2 thoughts on “Games Children Play”

  1. Well in defense of the parents, almost all the kids engaging in acting stupid loudly…. their parents can hear them too, because they live on the street. The kids’ parents or guardians can poke their heads out the front door and scream at their darling child and have said child a)run back home or b)yell something back.
    This is why I don’t believe these kids will actually go to whatever rec center the govt puts up. Its 11PM and the parents know where their children are… 20-50 yards away yelling their heads off, acting stupid. Can’t do that if the kids are 3 blocks away at the rec center.

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