Restaurant Week is sometimes an excellent chance to check out some places you normally can’t get to for one reason or another. This time it was a added treat in that IT chose a place that will be relocating to Shaw, specifically 9th Street across from the Convention Center, Corduroy.
After eating there I say, YAY! Not just because it is a white table cloth adult male waitstaff* type restaurant. No, the food is great. I really liked the parsnip soup. Not too salty, not too heavy, nice and creamy. The beet salad made me want to grow more beets this year. The rest of the meal was excellent, and filling. Try the hazelnut chocolate bars, they’re like really high-end Kit-Kats.
B. joked about the possible competition Corduroy would bring to ODB and the Mongolian Grill. Different audiences. I go to the Grill for decent cheap take out sushi. Since I have no interest in sitting around drinking beer and watching screens of people doing things with balls, I tend not to go to ODB often. The competition would be Acadiana facing 9th on New York Avenue, also participating in Restaurant Week. Maybe Vegetate, also participating, but it’s further up 9th.
Well, I hope that Restaurant Week 2009 and 2010 will see more choices along 9th.

*I know, I’m horribly sexist. But in my little mind there is something oh so special about a serious looking mature man in a long white apron and dark suit pouring my wine, over some chipper whippersnapper. I’m also getting old, so I’m getting ageist as well.