Richardson Place

I’ve been getting the odd email from Karl and others in the Richardson Place area (1700 blks of 4th & New Jersey, Richardson, R & FL) about some “Streetscape Improvements”. Richardson needs the improvement. The short bit of road and the linking alleys look like a big lot. That road isn’t really looking paved. The residents who have spoken up would like brick, or concrete, but not asphalt. Brick is preferred.
Jim Berry, BACA Prez, in a letter to the Richardson Place focus group suggested meeting prior to the next BACA meeting to talk about it. Okay people BACA meeting is at Mt Sinai Baptist, Monday, starts at 7, but for this email Jim (JBerry ayt PDSDC daht ORG) as it was a suggestion and not a firm date.

One thought on “Richardson Place”

  1. brick is the way togo…there is a DDOT list that Richardson needs to be placed on and that’s all i know.

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