Letter writing campaign to help history

Got a letter in my email box that I’d like to share with you. The Historical Society of Washington operates the archive/library that I find useful in doing neighborhood research so that’s why it is slightly applicable to InShaw. Also they hold some photographs of neighborhood streets, not just the ritzy addresses, but mine. If you are interested in researching your house or your street, I suggest paying them a visit.

BREAKING NEWS: As many of you read in today’s Washington Post, the City Council yesterday voted to wipe out $500,000 in funding promised to HSW in the coming fiscal year. Council members say they do not understand what it is we do here at HSW and why it matters so much.

We hope you can help us by telling D.C. Council why HSW matters to you.

ACTION: Please call or write or email the members who represent you – from your ward AND the at-large members elected citywide – and tell them why HSW matters to you. Council contact information is listed below. If you are willing to share your communications with us, please copy us at info@historydc.org or fax 202.383.1870.

If you have questions or comments for us, please contact me. My direct line is 202.383.1810, and email clement at historydc.org.

D.C. history matters. We need to say this to our Council – we need your help.

Thank you,
Bell Clement

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All Council mailing addresses are: 1350 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, 20004

Ward 1 – Jim Graham, Suite 105; Phone 202-724-8181; Fax: 202-724-8109; Email: jgraham@dccouncil.us

Ward 2 – Jack Evans, Room 106; Phone: 202-724-8058; Fax: 202-724-8023; Email: jackevans@dccouncil.us

Ward 3 – Mary Cheh, Suite 108; Phone: 202-724-8062; Fax: 202-724-8118; Email: mcheh@dccouncil.us

Ward 4 – Muriel Bowser, Suite 406; Phone: 202-724-8052; Email:Mbowser@dccouncil.us

Ward 5- Harry Thomas, Jr., Suite 107; Phone: 202-724-8028; Fax: 202-724-8076; Email: hthomas@dccouncil.us

Ward 6- Tommy Wells, Suite 408; Phone: 202-724-8072; Fax: 202-724-8054; Email: twells@dccouncil.us

Ward 7- Yvette Alexander, Suite 400; Phone: 202-724-8068; Email: yalexander@dccouncil.us

Ward 8- Marion Barry, Suite 102; Phone: 202-724-8045; Fax: 202-724-8055; Email: mbarry@dccouncil.us

At-Large: Carol Schwartz, Suite 404; Phone: 202-724-8105; Fax: 202-724-8071; Email: schwartzc@dccouncil.us

At-Large: David Catania, Suite 110; Phone: 202-724-7772; Fax: 202-724-8087; Email: dcatania@dccouncil.us

At-Large: Phil Mendelson, Suite 402; Phone: 202-724-8064; Fax: 202-724-8099; Email: pmendelson@dccouncil.us

At-Large: Kwame Brown, Suite 506; Phone: 202-724-8174; Fax: 202-724-8156; Email: kbrown@dccouncil.us

Chair: Vincent Gray, Suite 506; Phone: 202-724-8068; Fax: 202-724-8097; Email: vgray@dccouncil.us

Renovation 2007: Bathroom flooring

I’ve run the idea of using linoleum (the eco-stuff) by my contractor twice. And on the second try he gave a strong ‘no’ and “I’m not putting that in”. I’m not going to battle with him over the bathroom flooring as we have other disagreements I’d rather spend time winning.
Worse comes to worse I have tile options picked out already at Home Depot and Lowe’s, but they aren’t the kind of patterns I have in my head that I want. They are close enough. I know I want a black and white pattern for the floor and a white subway or field tile for the walls.

BACA meeting, TC happy hour & etc

The lousy meeting notes from last week’s BACA meeting are up at the super secret site. Okay user name is ‘thismeeting’ pswd: ‘neverhappened’.
Also check out the TruxtonCircle dot Org discussion board as there is a TC happy hour in the works for June. I expect Eckington people to crash it. It’s okay, we like you NoFlo people anyways.
Oh, other random things that I’m not bothering to link to because the links require 3 extra more steps than I care to take right now:
There were meetings about the Florida Market this week. (See Frozen Tropics and Rebuilding Space)
Arrests in the Montgomery schoolyard and rocks get thrown at Fox5 cameraman. (ANC2C)
The BACA website is not working for me. (DCBACA.ORG)
Big Bear Cafe said somewhere (probably on the Eckington listserv) that their aiming for a June opening. They open, when they open.
Soil samples are the new thing going on with the EC-12 firehouse.
As far as my renovation… waiting on inspections and I’m looking for the perfect tile. If you know where I can get a hold of a nice checkerboard black and white pattern for the bathroom, email me.