What circle of Hell is Radio Shack in?

Yesterday I wanted to throw things at the staff at the 7th St Radio Shack at Gallery Place. I did not for two reasons. One, it is assault. Two, I have a lousy aim.
I went in to buy some rechargeable batteries. I was already annoyed that the batteries weren’t in the same area as the regular batteries nor with the rechargers. When I found them it was unclear how I would check out. There is a circular desk where you’d think you’d be able to check out, but it isn’t clear. Particularly when several staff members were helping other customers with phone plans. Phone plans are complicated things and I understand that by standing behind a phone customer I won’t be helped for a good long while. Other people who just had purchases, no phone, were trying to get the next available staff person. The same staff person who decided to step back onto the sales floor.
Helloooo. People just wanting to buy one little thing.
I was steamed.
The woman trying to return a defective bluetooth thing, looked nearly defeated.
The guy trying to buy a cable wire looked pissed.
This is my second ‘so angry I want to throw things at people’ experience at this Radio Shack, which is about 1/3 of my experiences with this Radio Shack. Best Buy is a little out of my way, and I reserve the trip out to Tenleytown for large purchases. Are there any other options for electronics needs near Shaw with better customer service?

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  1. It is strange to me that Radio Shack stays in business at all. Would you buy a computer from them? A DVD player? I think they are left selling speaker wire and bullhorns.

    For small electronic stuff (like watch batteries) there used to be some little mom’n’pop dollar stores along Columbia Rd in Adams Morgan. I would think Home Depot might have rechargeable batteries, but I’m not sure.
    – J

  2. Wait a few months for the Best Buy to open up in Columbia Heights. The it will be a short Metro ride there

  3. who can wait a few months? 🙂

    it should be the grocery store they’re crying about down there.

    that particular radioshck is good for nothing. i went in for more outdoor bose type speaker wire and no they didnt have any and this is in downtown dc and no freakin wire. even the boutique radioshack on K and 20th has that product ..i know because that’s where i ended up goin fer it

  4. I have been to both the Radio Shack on 18th and K and the one at Connecticut and M and prefer either one to that place in Chinatown. I work at 19th and L though, so those are quite convenient for me. Both are close to Farragut North Metro or stops on the Circulator.

    There is a Staples at 19th and L that is also decent for small stuff. I bought a Creative mp3 player there last year and they were good when I needed to return it after 2 weeks (it broke). I have a wireless router and external HDD from them that work great, and my office has purchased plenty of rechargeable batteries from them.

  5. You were considering the Best Buy in Tenleytown as an alternative…that place is worse! They have a great selection, but their service is terrible. Nothing but bad-acting high school kids.

  6. At least at Best Buy I could just grab batteries and check out. There is a dedicated check out area, not like at Radio Shack where I had to wait behind customers weighing different cell phone plans.
    When I did need help and have questions at BB about a digital camera, yes, no help. And not seeing any cheap cameras (I needed something with a flash, LCD, and around $100) I wandered across the street to Radio Shack where a lonely salesperson unhappily sold me a discontinued camera for $80.

  7. Interesting you mention this. I received an on-line survey last night re: wireless phone providrs/service. I usually do not anwer these things becasue of potential spam brigades..however, this time I decided to. By the time the survey was over it was obvious that it was conducted on behalf of Radio Shack. Makes me think there are trying to enter that area of business and therefore the concerns of folk with a need for batteries, dvd players, etc. may be deemed second class priorites, tsk, tsk

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