Renovation 2007: Phone line in the loo

My contractor has one of those smart phone things, so he can be overly communicative in various ways. He sends me text messages, email and will call, a lot. The problem is, I don’t think he reads the email till later. He’ll give voice mail and texts an immediate response, so if I’ve emailed him on something and then he later calls about the same subject, there is a chance he hasn’t read it.
The subject in this case, wiring. Electrical wires, phone wires, cable wires, and Ethernet wires. In the email, I said I wanted one bedroom to have several electrical outlets, phone, cable and Ethernet and the other bedroom to just have electrical and phone. Nope, the 2nd bedroom is getting cable and Ethernet ’cause he thinks it’s best. Okay, whatever. Then on the phone he says something about running a phone line in the 1/2 bath. Um. Something seems oh so wrong about that.
I had a bit of a struggle with him on the Ethernet. He mentioned how everything is going wireless. Well, yes, but I want it hard wired, because these houses are small and thin and I really don’t want to have a neighbor’s wireless dohicky interfering with my wireless doohicky.

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  1. Mari – You are absolutley right. Hard wire everything. Then go wireless. It’s so cheap and easy if your walls are open. Even you can run this kind of cabling with a little guidance. Wireless is great (I have cordless phones and a wireless network), but hard wire is reliable.

    I had two strands of CAT 5e cable run to each room where I thought I might need to join a network or use a phone. I also had two strands of RG6 run for video. They all terminate to a central place for cable, telephone and internet. That was done by contractors, but only b/c the walls were not open. It makes the whole house very flexible.

    When I had the basement finished I, the DIY’selfer, ran all of the A/V cabling neccessary to operate a a very nice home theater. It was not for resale. It was for me, but I am sure it could be a selling point.

    The bottome line is: while walls are open, run whatever you think you want b/c it is much cheaper and easier now. If you need more info. Give a shout.

  2. we hard wired our basement apt ( but not the bathroom) while the walls were open. bought a huge spool of all the wires neatly bundled together. Old houses & wireless sometimes dont go together so well. wireless is sometimes rather slow. plus you need the wiring for cable/sat & phone anyway. oh hey maybe the contractor thinks you need a tiny flat screen tv in the loo, its all the rage you know!

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