Ingenious evil plan

I was talking with someone who has been in the neighborhood a while and mentioned something I found interesting. There is a property that is a shell, now logically it would get taxed the vacant property rate, to encourage selling or fixing up the property. Well, the person I was talking to mentioned on of the houses on their block has been vacant for a good long while but isn’t getting taxed the huge tax amount. Why you may ask. Well according to the source, the property is listed for sale. So if is for sale, then you don’t get taxed the $5 per $100 in value. The property has a sign. But the owner has no real interest, according to the source, in selling the property.
I see the property is listed on the DC.Gov list (pdf file) of properties exempted from the huge honking tax rate. I noticed some other properties listed, where I wonder, wonder why would they be exempted?

My fellow pedestrians

Don’t jaywalk at night wearing dark clothing, sauntering across the street like cars going 10+ miles over the speed limit are actually going to stop for you. Yes, you people on Rhode Island Avenue NE. We can barely see you. You are an oddly shaped shadow. Are you a trick of the light or a human target?