Sick and moving

I think got whatever headachey, muscle ache, toss yer cookies virus that’s floating around. It was bad last week, and then I thought I was well, but then I went out with some friends and quickly discovered, no, I wasn’t well. This weekend, same thing, I thought I was over it, and was proven wrong.
Part of me wonders if I really am sick or just anxious about the whole renovation, move out the house project. I’ve been packing and the house looks naked. Wall hangings have been taken down, most furniture has been given away, promised away, stored away, thrown away, or set in the big honking “Goodwill” pile. Having to figure out which of my worldly possessions goes into which category, has been challenging. Half of what is in the Goodwill and give away categories, I’d keep if I wasn’t desperate to cut down on the amount I need to put in storage.
Then there is the issue of where am I going to live. I do have options outside of the borders of Shaw and I am really thankful for those who have opened their homes to me. However, they are not “in Shaw”, nor close to the TC, so to answer Dr. Soh N. So’s question of am I going to blog while I’m gone, the answer is I don’t know. Probably not as much, which means I’ll be putting pressure on Truxtonian to blog. If a suitable short term rental pops up in my hood, then I’ll look into it.