Open letter to DC visitors

Hello and welcome,
I hope that you are enjoying our fair city be it for work or leisure. As you walk around the unfamiliar settings I understand that you might have questions. Seeing me with my tags as I come from or go to work, you may confuse me with a tour guide. I am not. Yet I am willing to answer two questions. Two. One main question and one follow up to clarify the first question.
Also do not assume that just because I work downtown that I actually know where anything is. When I was a student at UMCP I knew where 5 buildings were on campus. I was aware of other buildings but since I didn’t have to go in them, I didn’t bother remembering their names. Downtown is similar, if I don’t go in it, don’t have to go in it, or don’t relate to it, I don’t know where it is. Lucky for you I am okay with not knowing and will say so. Also, there are people in red jackets, that say “Downtown” on them, and they are there to answer questions. They are good for when you’ve forgotten where the Payless and the Wachovia are and sometime they can tell you if the bus you wanted just passed.
Also don’t get testy with me when you ask where the Smithsonian is and I say “on the mall” or ask “which one?” The Smithsonian is an institution with several museums. You mean the Castle? Well it’s on the mall.
Thank you.