Renovation 2007: Postpone?

As of this morning I’m thinking of postponing the project till Fall. Maybe during Spring and Summer I can deal with the permits, getting rid of stuff, some demo so that certain things won’t be a complete surprise, and work on the garden. I am determined to do this project this year, that’s the one thing I’m certain of, even if I’m getting cold feet about a bunch of other things. One of the reasons I’m mentioning the renovation and my thoughts on the blog is so that I have some pressure outside myself to get this thing going. But I woke up this morning and I just did not feel good about my choices, where I am in the planning, and a bunch of other things. I can’t postpone too long as I can hear the house moving and slowly falling apart and that needs to be addressed soon.
Let’s see what I feel like tomorrow, after a good night’s sleep and church.