How fair to make fair housing?

A few days ago Kris Hammond the ANC-elect wrote on the Eckington Listserv:

Of particular interest is that the Council voted to prohibit discrimination in employment and housing based upon a person’s criminal record. It appears that, for example, an apartment complex could not refuse to rent to a convict, but there may be some limitations to that prohibition. Criminal background checks might also be illegal, unless the purpose is to determine whether the person is a sex offender (a class excluded from the law protections). The bill number is B16-909, but the text of the new law is not available right now.

Considering what was needed to deal with problem HUD subsidized houses and other rentals where there were problem residents tearing down the ‘hood 5 years ago, this seems to take a tool away from residents. The criminal records, arrests made at a residence was what neighbors could try to use to deal with problem houses. Also this city has very renter friendly laws, this is worrisome if you are a landlord.
However I’d need to see the language of B16-909 because I do make a difference between recent criminal activity and past criminal activity. Recent seems to say someone may still be a part of the criminal scene and possibly could prey on their neighbors. Past, as in years past and nothing new since, seems to show that they have left that part of their life behind and are now productive positive citizens. I wonder if the law makes that difference?