Announcements with commentary

Leroy Thorpe plans to resign…. the chairmanship of ANC 2C. According to the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting at Africare it is slated that he will step down from the chair (see KC’s site for agenda). The next day will be the recount so we’ll see what happens.

The Unofficial Shaw Gay & Lesbian Association (that’s what I’m calling it)will be having a happy hour this Friday. Where? I have a guess but you really need to go to 5th & O’s blog for more information. The happy hour is open to straight neighbors as well, so no one is excluded.

Mt Vernon Sq has mad skilz. Not only will you know where the crime is at, locations of service requests but also when the next train is arriving at Mt. Vernon Sq/Convention Ctr.

Lastly, tonight. BACA meeting. 7PM in the basement of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church. This is an opportunity to say thanks to all who put wreaths up all over the TC.

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  1. If it’s for everyone, why not call it a Happy in Shaw Happy Hour? If some African American residents held a street party, some folks would have hurt feelings or just be completely turned off if the flier said: Black Block Party — For Black People and Everyone Else. Even if the point was to promote some sense of group pride, the exclusive slight still rubs.

  2. Okay, YT, I guess you’ve got a point, but no offense intended. Let me extend you a personal invite to come by. I’ve been reading your blog comments for months now, and would enjoy an opportunity to meet you in person.

  3. Well it is Daddy 5-O’s party and well he can focus on any group he darn well pleases. I mean the Truxton Circle happy hours were mainly geared towards those of us in the TC, but Bloomingdale people kept showing up, and that was cool.
    I believe in people’s right to assemble and gather with like persons. Sometimes there is a message or a goal or a whatever for certain groups within the greater social body. If a person wanted to bring together Shaw’s [insert group here] they should do so freely.
    I actually find it offensive that there is some expectation that groups should water themselves down to appeal to a general audience. There is a limit to openess, particularly when it forces people to be untrue and bland.
    In a lot of places I’ve been I’ve noticed that gay men and lesbian women don’t hang out with each other a lot. Here (well at least in the TC) they do, and that’s really special, so don’t go screwing it up.

  4. Like I said: Even if the point was to promote some sense of group pride, the exclusive slight still rubs.

    I have a preference for mixed events. Our community is mixed but sickened with division. The world is mixed; and yet I think Someone with a bigger view of things sees us as being pretty much the same: beautiful and loved.

  5. .. It’s all good, Daddy-O. Have a fun party, dude.
    One of my close friends just got taken off life support yesterday and now I have her funeral to attend this week, so I couldn’t attend even if I were so inclined. [Maybe] that’s why I’ve been so critical of everything.

  6. Homogenized and assimilated and accommodating.
    And yes, the process can be hostile on both sides. People may express their fear of being assimilated, possibly from unpleasant past experiences, with a hostility of their own. And members of the greater society may be frustrated with smaller groups and express that frustration with its own hostility.
    A way to overcome all this is to build trust and maybe respect and allow our differences.

  7. i’m just going to add that of course gays and lesbians in shaw should have happy hours to which straight people are invited.

    if you want to talk about “slights,” try having people yell insults at you when you walk down your own street with your partner. try feeling unsafe because of your sexual preference.

    people need to get together with others with whom they share unique cultural experiences and the rest of us need to understand that– and jump at any chance to be welcomed.

  8. just got this email today:

    “Lt. Ralph Neal was relieved of his position as Lt. of PSA 308 on 12/5/06, at the request of outgoing ANC Commissioner 2C02 Leroy Thorpe. Mr. Thorpe also requested that all officers in PSA 308 be removed except Officer Brown. His request was made to Chief Charles Ramsey. Mr. Thorpe has had many of our good police officers removed from PSA 311 and 308. He has also filed an enormous amount of PD99s against officers in the MPD that he did not like. His actions are affecting the morale of the police officers in PSA 308. We can not and must not let individuals undermine our police department and use it for their own agendas.


    Lydia Goring”

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