Slow down

I’m going to say that the gentrification has slowed down, along with the housing market. There will still be the gentrification, but maybe we’ve hit that part where we are like neighborhoods that have been gentrifying for 20 or more years, such as Adams Morgan, and the ever expanding borders of Capitol Hill. A few posts back I noted that gentrification in Shaw has it’s roots somewhere back in the 80s. The western part of Shaw, the U Street and Logan Circle bits are gentrified. Not all the construction is completed, but now I can’t see what major thing can come in to dramatically change the current character of the neighborhood. Well a parking garage maybe.
On this end of Shaw we are hoping the retail will catch up.
As far as dislocation goes, seniors have figured out the old folks tax rate, and landlords who haven’t gone market rate already probably won’t anytime soon.