4 thoughts on “NYT says 9:30 is in a dicey neighborhood”

  1. later in the same article they warn you that the monument area is not as safe as it “once was” and to keep an eye out for safety. sigh.

    -eric (2nd + U NW)

  2. Out-of-the-way? I would like to know which “way” the writer is referring to that we are so far from. If you are going from the Convention Center to Maryland, it is right on the way.
    (9th + P NW)

  3. Is it just me, or is there a concerted effort to erase the name “Chinatown” & replace it with “Penn Quarter”? Someone in DC tourism, chamber of commerce, convention/visitors bureau, etc. must be in on it for a NY Times writer to say Zatinya is in Penn Quarter. I’m guessing an “off the books” understanding exists between downtown realtors & dc tourism/government folks to play down chinatown as much as possible, because of its negative connotations to the prospective swanky urbanites they’re courting to buy all those overpriced luxury condos going up everywhere down there.

  4. I call it “fake Chinatown” ’cause face it, more Chinese live in Fairfax Co. Somewhere in the middle of the Portrait Gallery and the Telecommunications Company[why bother] Center it ceases to feel like fake Chinatown as you go south and you see Penn Ave.
    Toby, you hit on another point, Real Estate Agents LIE. I have been told by at least 2 homeowners in the TC that they were told they were buying in Eckington! I could understand the confusion if they were right on FL Ave. I’ve seen newspaper ads calling 4th St. Logan East. Selling agents would call anywhere in the District they could Capitol Hill [oops, they do] or Georgetown if they could get away with it.
    But seriously, when the then MCI Center came in, many 7th St Chinese restaurants moved out. Rents were too high. Chinese residents were and still are a small number with the Wah-Luck house as the one spot where you’ll find a concentration of Asians. Kinda pointless to call it Chinatown when you lack Chinese residents. The whole Chinese thing is played up when somebody wants to do something “ethnic”.

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