Misc stuff along R St.

Anyone notice the poles going up by the Waltha Daniels Library? By the R St exit of the Shaw metro. I wonder what this means for the homeless summer camp over there. I’m going to take a wild guess that the property is going to be secured to start some construction project that will take several million tax dollars and a few years (maybe decades) to complete.
Also the building formerly known as Dave’s Seafood on the corner of NJ & R is getting a lot of work done and the owner would like to lease it so it is either a coffee shop or a white table cloth eatery. If you know anyone wanting to open either, contact the owner.

No Greenroof for you!

Can’t say I didn’t try. Knowing that it would be the most expensive part of my planned rehab, I wanted it anyway. But the headache of trying to find someone to do it and an email from someone else who also investigated the possibility, seem to point to one conclusion, no green roof for me.
My house is too old, too small, and too structurally screwed up. Yes, I did contact DC Greenworks. That’s where the too old part comes in. My roof is not green roof ready and they had no guidance for me. I contacted another resident, Emily, and she was told by a green design company that for small flat roof homes a green roof wasn’t worth it.
Well, that was depressing.
Anyone got any ideas? I guess I will investigate how to make the house more energy efficient with better windows and toilets and appliances. And maybe see if I can make 1/2 of the roof a rooftop garden.
Anyway back to the drawing board.
Update: Welcome Express Readers. Thanks Jimbo for the heads up. And no, I will not be having any prairie chickens on my roof.