Kids in the hood

Sunday’s article in the Post about kids allowed to roam the neighborhood was a pleasant read. Got me thinking about my own childhood and the kids around here. Kids, as in elementary and maybe middle school kids. Not the surly teenagers who roam the city.
For the record I don’t think these days are more dangerous for kids than when I was growing up. Stranger danger is no more a threat now than it was before. However, I notice there are a lack of PSAs about not talking to strangers (there ‘s also a lack of PSAs about littering, bring those back!). Yeah, there are more people with cell phones driving, but there are fewer drunk drivers. That whole “designated driver” thing was new and shiny when I was a teen. People still can’t drive, sober or cell phoneless, but I digress.
As the summer winds down there are kids out on the sidewalk playing and making a racket. Age ranges from 2 or 3 to teenage-ish (can’t tell). The young ones are simply tagging along with the older kids, who more than likely were told to “watch your brother/sister”. B. and I had a discussion about that. Being forced to bring your annoying sibling with you everywhere builds character, and keeps you out of trouble because they are such tattle tales. B. thinks it’s too much responsibility to place on a child. Anyway the little ones mimic the older ones who keep their games and activities on the sidewalk. Sometimes they filter out into the street when engaging with teenagers, the characters from the corner or the grown men willing to throw around a football.
I’m semi-aware of their approved range. I know some kids are allowed over to Dunbar for the pool, or are limited to the quickie mart and no further. Some other kids have to ask permission to play on the other side of the street. Depends on the parent, the conditions, and the kid.

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