5 good things about small space living

1. Less area to cool and heat.
2. I barely keep the 1,000 or so square feet I do have clean. Imagine if I had more rooms to clean!
3. When I lose/ misplace stuff, there are only so many places it could be.
4. Forces me to be creative. Okay, maybe that isn’t always a good thing.
5. Limits the amount of crap I can accumulate. Besides the floor, the garbage seems like a nice new home.

Anyone got anything they want to add? (please keep in line with the comment policy)

6 thoughts on “5 good things about small space living”

  1. 9. Low Heating and A/C bills but then again you say your place is kinda old so that may negate that.

  2. I actually find that my little place gets dirty quicker, which is too bad. Though it does cool down quickly when I turn the AC on.

  3. It may be old but I do keep the window blinds down and there are AC units in the major spots of the house. When not in use, those units are not on. It isn’t my goal to cool the whole house, just the parts where I am. In winter the radiators do a wonderful job. They’d do a better job if my windows were better and if the house was insulated.

  4. My place is 500 sq. ft. I live here with my wife and dog and no matter how hard we try we can’t keep the place clean. We’ve had over half a dozen relatives total stay with us in the 2 years we’ve been here. We can not seem to get it cooler than 82 degrees with window units.

    On the positive side, the radiators keep the place warm in winter, but dry enough that I’m afraid to rub chop-sticks together for fear that the place will go up in flames. We have very little furniture now, most of it disposable Ikea stuff and camping chairs.

    Part of me can’t wait to have a bigger place, part of me loves small living.

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