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Anyone notice the poles going up by the Waltha Daniels Library? By the R St exit of the Shaw metro. I wonder what this means for the homeless summer camp over there. I’m going to take a wild guess that the property is going to be secured to start some construction project that will take several million tax dollars and a few years (maybe decades) to complete.
Also the building formerly known as Dave’s Seafood on the corner of NJ & R is getting a lot of work done and the owner would like to lease it so it is either a coffee shop or a white table cloth eatery. If you know anyone wanting to open either, contact the owner.

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  1. I’m glad to finally see some movement with the library. While I’m sure the local homeless folks feel uprooted, maybe it will motivate some to get help and/or find shelter from this heat. It will also be nice to see all that trash buildup around the building disappear.

    Once rebuilt, I’m sure the homeless will come back to the library. It’s a natural place for them to congregate – public space, nice park benches, etc. And with the building back open, there should be maintenance folks to help with the trash and keep the place relatively nice.

    I remember being impressed living in Arlington, at the number of regular homeless over at the main library branch on Quincy St. You’d get the odd pan-handler, but for the most part they just seemed to enjoy hanging around and didn’t bother anyone.

    As for Dave’s Seafood building… hopefully it will be a coffee shop or other eatery as they’ve got a sweet natural patio out front.

  2. As for Dave’s, I think we need a combination coffee/white table cloth place. Think European Bistro (I know, how very gentrification of me). I think it would be great if you could pick up coffee or espresso on the way to the metro as well as have light fare throughout the day and evening. Salads, sandwiches, soups (winter). A ABC license would be perfect too– what a great neighborhood gathering place. Put me in touch with the owner and I’ll give him ideas until he’s fully annoyed with me.

    I noticed the posts at the library this AM. Those are big posts, looks like they mean business. I wonder if construction is going to start or if it’s just a response to keep the congregating away from there? I thought the city hadn’t yet bid out the new plans/construction company. I would like to think that construction is going to start, but I’m afraid that it might still be in limbo after aborting the previous plans. One can hope though.

  3. Actually, from an engineering standpoint I’ve been impressed by the speed at which some of these ugly-a$$ condos have been built. I wonder how sturdy they are?

  4. dave’s has sooo much potential. every time I walk by I think of how good it could be.

    bar,cafe,restaurant,neighborhood hangout,

    Maybe the vegetate people would like to move there…with an alcohol license.

    perhaps we should email all our favourite cafe/restaurant owners…let them know about the opportunity.

    hi from australia, hope the weathers not too hot.


  5. Webmistress no likey-likey anon comments. Please claim this by the time I’m done with lunch or it will go bye-bye.

  6. The liqour license for Sunset Liqours on the corner of 1st & FL Ave. NW is up for renewal. There is a nice wide patio area there as well. Only downside is the traffic on FL, but a buffer of pots containing shrubs would help.

    Imagine a “white table cloth” restaurant within eyesight of Big Bear Cafe. I’d stop cooking at home and patronize them both heavily (provided they offered decent food and service)

    With our webmistresses (retroactive) permision, I’m going to post information about how to ensure that Sunset’s liqour license is *not* renwed. (If you have any doubts about the renewal, I suggested spending time regularly in the area to see what a detrimental effect that liqour store has on our neighborhood)


  7. Protest Liqour License Renewals:


    On Wednesday, June 21, 2006, I appeared at a roll call hearing before the Chairman and members of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board in connection with the decision of ANC 5C to protest the renewal of the licenses of Moon Liquors, 322 Florida Avenue, N.W.; Sunset Liquors, 1627 First Street, N.W.; and Walter Johnson’s Liquor Store, 1542 North Capitol Street, N.W., respectively. Predictably, ANC 5C was found to have entered a timely and appropriate petition to protest the renewal of the licenses of these three establishments, after which a date for a status hearing was set for Wednesday, August, 16, 2006.

    Between 6/21/2006 and our scheduled return on 8/16/2006, I am expected to get together with the owners of these establishments to determine whether the terms of a voluntary agreement can be worked out. If so, an agreement would be signed between ANC 5C and the establishment and the protest process would end at that point. If not, we will be required to participate in a process of mediation with an employee of the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration to, again, determine whether or not a voluntary agreement can be worked out. If the parties fail to reach an agreement by this stage of the process, then a formal protest hearing is scheduled.

    As you may know, ANC 5C has a pre-existing voluntary agreement with each of these stores and I believe it is fair to say that in all instances these stores have performed unsatisfactorily in meeting the terms of their respective agreement. To my surprise, each of these stores is now operated by a different person than the one with whom ANC 5C negotiated the voluntary agreement approximately three years ago.

    Interestingly, in my preliminary discussion with each of them, they didn’t seem to have a clue about the frustration and disapproval that a large segment of the community has with their operations.

    Hence, I ask you to let me know whether you feel that any or all of these stores are having a negative impact upon our community and why (in as specific a detail as you can provide).

    If you decide to weigh in on these licenses, I urge you to do so separately. That is, each of these cases will be heard separately and on their individual merits. Also, I am maintaining a file of protest documentation for each licensee that I will use in their respective cases. For example, I expect to be in a position to say that 100+ citizens expressed the view that Establishment A should be denied the privilege of continuing to sell alcohol products in our community for the following reasons. For Establishment B, there may be 200 of you who feel this way. And, for Establishment C, there may be more or less than Establishment B.

    If you agree that these licensees are a problem, then the content of your email must reflect problems in one or more of the following areas: (1) upon the “peace, order and quiet” of our community; (2) on “property values,” (3) re. the issue of “excessive trash and debris” that the business generates and/or (4) problems related to “parking or automobile traffic.” Peace, order and quiet generally refers to the loitering, excessive noise, public drinking and other problems that some of these establishments attract or facilitate. Finally, it is important that you include your true name and address in your responses. Email monikers will not be taken seriously by the ABC Board, nor by me.

    Please know that there are a number of residents of our area who support these liquor stores and, I am certain, will be asked by the business owners to share their views with the ABC Board at the appropriate time. In fact, I have been contacted already by some supporters.

    So, this is your opportunity to let me know whether you support our protest of these three establishments and why. If I don’t hear from you, I will assume that your position on the issue is neutral.

    I look forward to hearing from those of you who want to weigh in. At absolute worst, your feedback should serve to inform the business owners and operators of these stores of how their operations are perceived by their neighbors. Please have your response(s) back to me by Monday, August 7, 2006.


    Jim Berry
    ANC 5C

  8. As I passed these posts yesterday I thought to myself “I should check the Shaw blog, I bet they know what the deal is.” Then this afternoon when the fence crew was done setting up the 8′ fence and butchering the trees across the street from the Metro stop I thought, “I should check with the Shaw blog, I bet they know what the deal is.” I guess the assumption is that they are renovating the building but I don’t believe it. I’ve hear rumors from Library employees that the place is going to be razed and sold to a developer. Sucks because this neighborhood needs that library. Anyone know the real deal and if anything can be done?

  9. The quick and dirty story is that there was a plan to improve the library but it was scrapped. But the library and another NW library closed anyway.
    I did hear of a plan, which may have been scrapped, where the library would be on one floor and housing or something would be on the top.

  10. any word on Big Bear Cafe. I saw that they now have a new sign….we live around the corner and walk to work. We look forward to the cafe being opened so that we can stop by for morning coffee….what’s the time line?

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