Cops and the guys on the corner

What do the guys who hang out on the corner do when a police car parks itself on the corner?
Answer: Play football in the street.

What do they do when two police cars are parked?
Answer: Go to G&G. Or around thereabouts.

What do they do when they have come back from G&G?
Answer: Go to a house where they have visited before, sit in the yard, play football with the little kids, send some text messages and wait till the police have driven away.

3 thoughts on “Cops and the guys on the corner”

  1. This is courageous, brilliant and useful. Your blog keeps getting better and better.


  2. They should walk around the corner to Dunkin Donuts and bring back some goodies to bribe the cops to go away and thus cut down on all that time not earnin. Time is money.


  3. The guys on the corner always turn around and look busy when I ride by on my mountain bike, moreso when I have a fresh buzzcut.

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