Free kittens

Well it has been over a week and I am having a bit of trouble fostering these little darlings. So if you would like to take them off my hands it would be wonderful.
Anyway there are three kittens. Tuxedo kitty has a potential home, but I have to get back to the potential parents. Calico kitty almost had a home but Mrs. Potential Parent is resistant so I’ve been told to go ahead and try for a home. Calico kitty likes to be held and have her head rubbed and scratched. She has a lovely purr. Tortie kitty, I vote tortie kitty most likely to spend most of the day under the couch. She does like to play but isn’t so fond of being held.
Anyway, if you can take these kitties away, like tonight or tomorrow night it would be great. I’m running out of cat food and kitty litter and time. Kitty litter is heavy and I’m car-less. This rain isn’t helping. Worse yet, when the kittens were taken to the vet for spaying and neutering*, being in a room full of cats set some tingling off in my nose. So the kittens have been moved to the cellar of the house, they really need to be with people if they are going to be adopted.
I am seeing the limits of my own ability. If it was just one kitten maybe I could do this a bit longer, and give the attention needed, but three is beginning to take a toll. I was hoping I could have 2 kittens in homes Sunday, but, things just didn’t work out that way.

* Sadly the vet determined the kittens to be “too small” for surgery, which I wish we all could have known what the limits were before. They will be big enough when they are over 3 lbs.

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  1. If all else fails, you could start calling around to several different fostering groups to try to find help:

    Maybe one would let you have some space at an adoption show. For example, PAW is having a cat adoption show at the pet store here in Beltsville this Sunday. Unfortunately, I have plans I can’t get out of this Sunday, otherwise I would offer to help.

  2. Marty… not recently.

    I may have to consider PAW for Tortie kitty. I know the pet store you speak of. Unfortunately, my personal chauffeur can’t transport cats (too many friends and the odd girlfriend who are extremely allergic to cats– girlfriend was strangly allegric to chocolate too). Anyone else?

  3. We have a car and aren’t allergic, though my/the car’s availability depends on the day. Since we’ve already got three furries of our own, I’ve got three carriers to use, too. Let me know if it would help.

  4. They could be disposed with other vermin in Lake Woodson, the mosquito-infested trash- and water-filled hole in the southeast corner of Ninth and Q. Slummer

  5. Slummer-No. No. No. We do not kill the kitty. We like the kitty, in small doses.

    Jaime- I’ll have to contact you later on the ride once I look into the adoption show. Thanks.

  6. Just thought of something.
    Perhaps write up a little something to post on TC and Scott Roberts. That will help spread the word! I’m so glad you’ve got a home for one baby…and I’m very glad that ugly is coming around. I think it must be the effect of the shakey mouse.


  7. Stacy, I’ve deleted the post to keep your email safe. I will forward the info to the new foster mommy.

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