House renovation- the thinking phase

I made a list of the stuff I want done with the house, with very short explanations. 2 pages.
This week I will chat with my personal mortgage guru. The problem is that my main mortgage has a crazy low interest rate, my 2nd mortgage has an ever changing/ increasing interest rate and if I liquidated all my stocks, cut up the credit card and gut out my savings, maybe I could pay that 2nd mortgage off. I’m not sure if I want to refinance or just get another 2nd mortgage.
Later I will chat with the two contractors I’m interested in. Mainly because I know they will leave something for me to do so I can save some money.
Maybe before that I may need to talk with an architect or structural engineer as the big things I want to fix are structural. The party wall between me and the other house is thin. The bricks, that are on dirt, are like chalk. The floors aren’t level. Okay, that doesn’t bother me that much. And. And I want a green roof and I am not green roof ready.
After the structural stuff there is the list of “fix it” stuff that comes from years I figuring out what is wrong with the house. Some of the “fixes” are aesthetic. Other fixes are design issues.