A help seeking problem

Back when I had a car I would have car problems. I would bring my car to the shop and say my car is doing X. The worse thing was when it was doing X and failed to do X again when taken to the shop. If the guys could not observe X or problems associated with X and thus could not help me, but they would find something else wrong and charge me for that.
Tis the same problem with the hangers out on corners and under closed store awnings. You, a citizen observe X (drug dealing, public urination, whatever) and call the police. When, and if, said police show up, the offending citizens have A)left the scene, or B)already did X and are just hanging out taking advantage of their right to be in a public space.

Yard Sale in TC and Warner St. June 3

I got the letter some time ago, but it was during the time I was applying for jobs. So it went under a pile. It is still under a pile. I got piles of piles. Lucky my neighbor has more of a follow through spirit than I. The letter was from another neighbor on the square who is organizing a multi-family yard sale June 3 from 10-2 covering possibly the 1700 & 1600 blocks of 4th and New Jersey NW and 400 blk of Warner St.
So tonight I will go into the basement and plan to sell for a really low price (think $.50 to $5 because I was just going to freecycle them) a file cabinet, some unused knives, a model for a Smart Car, USB flash drive, squash plants, etc.

Flower Power 2006 tickets

Okay on the sidebar I have a PayPal button so you can buy a ticket from me for this lovely event. Tickets are $10 and I tacked on .37 for the stamp to mail it to you. This year, we promise it will not be a death march. We will not force you to see 40 odd individual yards. And this year, it is in July, not August.
Also, unless you live in the Co-op or on the 1500 blk of 3rd, which haven’t been hit yet, you should have gotten a flyer and a nomination form if you live in the Bates part of Truxton Circle (north of P St).