Harvest time

The above was what I harvested today. I thought it was time to bring in the peas, as it is getting hot. Same goes for the lettuce. I am going to have to plant corn mache for a summer salad. I picked my onions because I have a fish dish I want to cook. While I was out picking peas and salad, I got some string beans, and the three red things are strawberries that made it inside the house. Typically I eat them before coming in. Like the salad the spinach is begining to go bad, so I picked that too and I will steam it or cook it (spinach and peas and beans) and freeze them.
Anyway the above came from the below.

It is amazing that this is the garden post picking. There are still beans growing and producing. The tomatoes are flowering and I have two little baby roma tomatoes. The basil is still deciding what to do and I have to pick more Swiss Chard. I am trying to find the balance of how much I should (and need to) pick and leave something for later. I should have picked more salad.