Press Release- Alito

Normally I avoid national politics like the plague. Today I’m in a good mood and posting here like crazy and got this today. Disclaimer- I am a ModCon.

“” Gives DC Citizens Chance to Question Alito;
New Grassroots Effort Aims to Overcome Lack of Representation in U.S. Senate

Contact: Mike Panetta
(202) 253-6534

Washington, DC (January 9, 2006) — In an effort to highlight the
lack of voting representation in the United States Senate for citizens
of our nation’s capital, Mike Panetta, a DC-based professional
political consultant and grassroots activist, today launched, an online campaign that empowers District
citizens to submit their own questions to the Senate Judiciary
Committee for Supreme Court nominee Samuel A. Alito.

“The Supreme Court hands down decisions that affect the lives of
everyone in this city, yet we have absolutely no say in who gets to
sit on the bench,” said Panetta. “Every other American citizen has two
Senators to represent and vote a nominee up or down. Those of us in
the District are supremely screwed when it comes to sitting a new

Questions collected on the web site (
will be delivered to the Senate Judiciary Committee during nomination
hearings and all attempts will be made to have them introduced into
the hearing’s official record. “I got tired of complaining and decided
to do something about it. Hopefully this web site will get some
official degree of representation in this nomination process for
District citizens.”

Panetta is a professional political consultant with the firm
Grassroots Enterprise (, and has long specialized
in high-impact grassroots movements. His previous campaigns have
included, which sent over 1,000 letters from DC
residents in less than 24 hours to DC Council Chair Linda Cropp after
she withdrew her support of the Washington Nationals in December 2004.
(The site was later changed to “Thank Cropp” once she changed her
vote.) Panetta was also a founder of, a campaign that raided almost
$100,000 in pledges to brand the Nationals’ home turf “Taxation
Without Representation Field at RFK”.

Panetta is 34 years old and lives in Woodley Park.