People of Eckington, People of XM

You all need to get together.
I was chatting with a co-worker whose husband works for XM and as we were talking we came to the topic of parking. I gather some areas around XM has residential parking so husband would get parking tickets if he parked there. There are also meters, but when he parks at a broken one, does the right thing and calls it in to get fixed, it gets fixed and he gets a ticket.
As we were talking I was thinking. There are people around XM with garages and carports in their backyard that are empty when the owners are off to work. Maybe residents and car bound XM employees who can’t seem to ponder using the metro can work together. For a monthly fee of something like $30-$50 a month (I have no clue, I don’t have a car so I’ve never paid attention to the cost of parking) the XM employee can use the private parking and the homeowner gets a few extra bucks.

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  1. Parking is usually significantly more expensive than $30-$50 per month if you work downtown. I don’t know exactly what the charges at the garage at my office are, because I don’t use it, but I believe it is several hundred dollars. My parking space at my apartment building in Logan, which is considered a bargain is $100/month.

    BTW: I have signed a contract for the funny little wooden house on the 1500 block of 9th street, so I will soon be a resident of Shaw.

  2. I’m not sure of the going rate either, but I’d imagine about $150/mo. Craiglist actually has a category where you can post/find parking spaces for rent. might be worth a look.


  3. I live at the Corner of Ekcington and R St, so I’m used to the XM folks; they only put in the parking meters recently, which makes parking for me (zone 5 permit holder) more difficult, but not impossible. I might point out that XM has a parking lot, but don’t know what they charge.


  4. Not all employees get to park in the parking lot. So many spaces need to be left for the police in the police substation there, then there are the spaces for big-wigs and their entourages, and then spaces for XM special people.

  5. Not long ago I knew my way around DC parking woes: I lived in Adams Morgan on Calvert Street from 1999 to 2003. Along with the flat I rented, I also rented a parking space for $150 a month. After I got rid of my car I continued to rent the parking space, and then sublet it for $250. It was SO easy to get that $250 that in retrospect I should’ve asked for more…


  6. Not exactly on the same topic, but as long as we’re talking about XM… Does anyone know who we might ask at XM about greening up their sidewalk boxes along New York Ave. and Q Street? The Fed Ex and Americorps buildings do such a great job–it really makes the XM side look that much worse.

  7. Umm. Don’t know. Who is the ANC covering that area they might know or ask XM who might be in charge of grounds keeping and maintenance.

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