Smells like gentrification…. hooyah!

otherwised titled “gad I dispise self rightous kids.”
I and a few others were out one tonight for a neighborhood cause and I spotted a gang of cyclists on the corner with bright flashy lights. As it was an auxillary drug dealing corner (not the main drug corner) and our drug dealers do use bikes I suspected they were dealers. But then I noticed the helmets. Drug dealers for one reason or another don’t seem to place great value on personal safety and forgo the whole helmet thing. Nor do dealers bother with other safety equipment like lights or reflective clothing. …or following traffic rules. As the gang broke up and biked down the street one said to my small group “smells like gentrification.” This made one member of my party believe that the gang was the “stop gentrification” taggers casing our hood.
Please don’t give me the “promoting awareness” crap. I think all the parties inovolved are aware.