And lo, there was much waiting and anticipation for the most holy of holies, that most sacred day Black Friday. The faithful arise before the sun to sit vigil outside the edifices that contain many objects of desire until the gates are opened and all shall enter for the early bird sales.

Me? I’m shopping on line. If I can avoid it I will try not to set foot in Pentagon City. If I have to set foot in any bricks & mortar store, I will try to spend my Christmas dollars in the District. We got Best Buy, Hecht’s, H&M, Filenes, Lush, tons of indy shops (I’m sure I can find something at Go Mamma Go or Home Rule) so I should be good. It would be nice if we had a Target….. when is that going to get built?

I’m also going to make some gifts like I did last year. Last year’s craft were pomanders (take a orange poke it with a toothpick, insert lotsa cloves in toothpick holes). I’ll venture over to Not Martha for some ideas.

2 thoughts on “Friday”

  1. I think everyone is getting Nationals ballcaps this year, a one-stop trip to that sporting goods store by Gallery Place/Chinatown stop:

    Niece: Pink Nats Cap
    Nephew: Blue Nats Cap
    (oh gawd not the RED cap for my kin!)
    Brother: Camo Nats Cap
    Other Brother: Nats tee shirt
    Mom: Nats sweatshirt

    And that’s all I have to buy!

  2. I went to Tysons a few years ago during the holiday season (I needed something specific which I can’t remember). I swore that was the last time. I’ve gotten a number of useful small gifts for family and co-workers from Ginza on Connecticut above Dupont Circle (reasonable teasets and things). I’ve also bought bonsai for a few people from Johnson’s on Wisconsin; they don’t have very many but they tend to be well sculpted bonsai. (I think they get them from a place in Maryland called Meehan’s which used to sell only to the trade).

    I also do a lot of shopping online at independant jewelry designers websites. Off the top of my head:, and

    I’ll also throw in a plug for (which was started by some people active at the political behemouth Dailykos where I post a lot), which lists political contributions, labor practices etc. of major retailers.

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