Stoner dog

This posting is dedicated to a very extremely laid back beagle when I say you failed puppy, you failed. You failed to protect your people’s property. You failed to even bark when the intruders came in. Now your mommy has to look at you and know that you won’t lift a paw to aide her. That’s love, and I hope you appreciate it.
B&L were robbed this week and hopefully the police will reunite them with their property. We talked about the crime, and blamed part of it on their dog. Unlike other dogs in the hood who bark at strangers and sometimes friends who come to your door, stoner dog is way too low key to be bothered with that barking thing. Stoner dog is like, “Dude, make your self at home. Oh, sure, take what ever you need. Got any munchies on you?”
The moral of this tale? If your dog is laid back, I mean really laid back, get an alarm system.

One thought on “Stoner dog”

  1. Worse than stoner doggie??…”eager to please doggie”. We joke that our dog would simply jump up for a little pat and proceed to show a potential thief where all of our good stuff is…wagging her tail the whole time. Never barking or growling.

    I hope you neighbors do get their stuff back though. That’s really a bummer just before the holidays.

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